Neighborhood Gratitude Party

Oct 3, 2017 | All Posts | 0 comments

Recently, Baci, a precious pooch from the East Cut and Rincon Hill area was lost. Our neighborhood came together like never before to post flyers, create search groups and share the news on social media. The lucky dog was found and picked up by the SF Animal Care and Control after receiving a call due to a shared tweet. 

As a result of Baci’s safe return, it seems only appropriate to take Nextdoor, the Rincon Hill Dog Park’s Facebook members, and other social mediums and bring everyone together, in-person. Join us for a celebration of community and of course, gratitude for finding Baci! 


Nibbles + drinks will be provided and once the tab runs out, it’ll turn into a cash bar. 

Pooches are welcome to “whine and dine” on the patio. Pawtrero will provide goodie bags for the pups.

Raffle tickets will be sold to raise money for or you can also donate to the Rincon Hill Dog Park.

We’re currently working on getting prizes and so far we have donations from these wonderful businesses:

Pawtrero BathHouse & Feed Co.

Atelier Emmanuel Salon + Spa

Whole Foods

Red Dog Restaurant & Bar

Pet Widget

Body By X