Rocket Dog Rescue is Rescuing Animals from the NorCal fires. Help Needed!

Oct 15, 2017 | All Posts | 0 comments

Those interested in helping the animals affected by NorCal fires, please see below. Foster homes needed!
Please contact Rocket Dog on their website. Please bear with them if it take a while to get a response. There is news that some of the rescue facilities have been burned and are without power, internet or phone service. They are having a hard time communicating their needs. These rescues will need foster homes and volunteers over the next few weeks.
To inquire about fostering or to help in other ways contact:
To assist at the Rocket Dog sanctuary, contact:
Here is an updated list of what Rocket Dog needs:
• Chlorhexidine shampoo
• Laundry detergent
• Dog food
• Dog crates
• Paper towels
• Large trash bags
• Blankets
• Dog collars/leashes
• Gas gift cards for our transport team
1. Go to the website and donate money through PayPal
2. Go to the Amazon wish list
3. Drop off items at the Rocket Dog Rescue Urban
Sanctuary: 3561 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA 94601