Lucky 13! Clean ‘n Sweep

Dec 5, 2017 | All Posts | 0 comments

We had so much fun yesterday at the December Clean ‘n Sweep. We had a record high of 13 volunteers yesterday and the park shows it. Leaves have been raked, trash plucked up and the small dog park got extra fencing installed for safety.

We’re working on getting some extra fencing for the large dog park which will reduce holes that dig-happy doggies try to squirm through. 

We had a couple of special guests yesterday, Super Dave, came with his pooch posse and Krista Wardell brought her boyfriend and a smile. It’s so refreshing to have the lovely dog walkers of the neighborhood pitch in the way they do. These two are loved by the dogs they care for and by all of us for contributing their valuable time off and rolling up their sleeves. Much love to you both!