It Takes a Village

May 21, 2021 | All Posts | 0 comments

As you know, we are a volunteer-based park which means that there is a lot of puppy love that goes into keeping it running smoothly. People like you dedicate hours and hours of their lives making sure that all of the big and little details of the park get taken care of. Today, we acknowledge one of those special souls who has been behind the scenes working as a warrior–Deborah Garfinkle. She is moving on to other pastures and we wish her well in her new endeavors. Thank you Deborah for your years of service–it will be remembered.

Let’s put our paws together for Justin and his furry assistant Giannis!

Justin and Giannis responded to our call for a volunteer to hang our new dispensers! You may remember a couple of weeks ago we were asking for assistance–and we got it! While Justin was bustling about setting everything up, Giannis was inside the park making friends with some other hot dogs. If you see them in the park, please give them a wave and a wag for their support.

Delivering the goods…

Once the dispensers were installed, Ray from Pawtrero came ’round and added his magic touch. He filled up the dispenser with poop bags and affixed the famous stickers. Now, each time you need to purchase supplies for your furry friends you will know where to go!

Pawtrero is our beloved neighborhood bath & feed store. The folks at Pawtrero research every single item that they stock in the store. They can tell you about each morsel of food and why it’s important for your cat or dog. Pawtrero has been generously filling our dispensers for years–it’s quite a gift!

They offer Free Same Day Delivery Monday through Friday if you order by 8 am at or their app. Minimum order $50.

Feel free to reach out to to let us know the latest happenings. Please note that we are volunteer-based, so we cannot always respond quickly or resolve the issue, but it’s good for us to know what is going on in case there is something we can help out with.

Take good care and stay safe!

Woof ‘n wags,

The Volunteer Team


A big thank you to our monthly donators! It’s been helpful for budget purposes to know what we’re working with.