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Dec 11, 2022 | All Posts | 0 comments

Happy Holidays!n

We’re wishing you a warm, wonderful holiday season! Just wanted to chat about the gate lock and a couple of other things.

It’s realllly crucial that we keep the gate locked for now. Folks have been leaving the gate unlocked, putting the combo lock in their pockets, or leaving it around the park with the combination visible to all. Unfortunately, these actions defeat the purpose of locking the gate, costing us money and extra effort by the volunteers.

As you might have noticed, we recently experienced vandalism at the gate of the small dog park. The gate door was removed from its hinges, and we now need to pay the Department of Public Works to come out and repair it. Things like this happen when we don’t protect the park by locking it. If you’d like to donate, we always want to increase our piggy bank!

Who to Contact

We always like to stay informed of what is happening, so please keep us posted when you can! That said, here are some resources that can assist:

– The Navigation Center can clean up debris around the park and assist unhoused folks loitering. You can email or call 415-265-9827

– 311 is a good resource when you need to report vandalism, debris, or graffiti

– 911 when you see a crime or fire or feel like you or someone else is in danger

To reach us with questions or concerns or want to join our volunteer team, email:

Woofs ‘n wags,

The Volunteer Team