Upcoming Clean ‘n Sweep & Housekeeping

Mar 27, 2023 | All Posts | 0 comments

The Scoop

They poop it, you scoop it. To avoid any unpleasant feelings from your neighbors, please remember to pick up after your dog. We have a small group of folks who help by picking up after other dogs, but it would be greatly appreciated if dog caretakers could do their part as well.

Monthly Clean ‘n Sweep

We’re bringing back the legendary Clean ‘n Sweep! Not only will you be supporting your favorite dog park, but you’ll also get to burn some calories and break a sweat. To make it even better, we’ll have coffee and maybe some light snacks to keep you going!

Remember to bring your furry friends along! If they can play while you’re doing some weeding, using a trash picker, or other tasks, it’ll make for an even more fun day. So, get your calendars out and mark the first Saturday of every month as the date for our Clean ‘n Sweep events. Let’s make our dog park sparkle and shine!

The Lock

If you have concerns about keeping the gate locked, please send me an email contact@rinconhilldogpark.org so we can discuss it.

We’d prefer to use our limited resources on more productive things.

Please remember to lock the gate when you enter the park, regardless of whether it’s locked or unlocked, and put the lock on when you leave. Leaving the lock lying around will increase the risk of theft. Here’s a video of how to use it.

The Butts

Feel free to smoke to your heart’s content, but please dispose of your cigarette butts properly. We recommend carrying a Portable Pocket Ashtray Pouch or throwing them in the trash. Whatever you do, please don’t flick them onto the ground or up on the slope. Let’s keep our dog park clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy!

Woofs ‘n wags,

The Volunteer Team