Fireworks Alert for Dog Owners: Tips to Calm Your Pup During Loud Displays

Apr 19, 2023 | All Posts | 0 comments

Fireworks will be set off over Pier 15 around 10:00 pm Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Fireworks Alert: Protect Your Dog with These Preparation Tips

Create a safe space: Designate a quiet, comfortable spot in your home where your dog can retreat to during the fireworks display. This could be a crate, a room, or a corner with a favorite bed or blanket. Place familiar items such as toys, treats, and water in this area to help them feel secure.

Use natural remedies: Consider using natural remedies such as essential oils, pheromone sprays, or flower essences to help calm your dog. Some popular options include lavender oil, chamomile tea, and rescue remedy.

Avoid punishment: If your dog does become anxious or scared during the fireworks display, avoid punishing them. Punishment can increase their anxiety and make the situation worse. Instead, offer comfort and reassurance.

Hire a pet sitter or dog walker: If you’re not able to be home during the fireworks display, consider hiring a pet sitter or dog walker to stay with your dog. Having someone there to offer comfort and support can help alleviate their anxiety.

Consult with your vet: If your dog has a history of severe anxiety or panic during fireworks displays, it may be worth consulting with your vet. They can offer additional advice and may recommend medication or other treatments to help manage your dog’s anxiety.

Overall, the key is to be proactive and take steps to help your dog feel safe and secure during the fireworks display. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your furry friend stays calm and happy during this potentially stressful time.

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