Celebrating Our Success and Looking Ahead: The Importance of Monthly Support for Our Dog Park

Nov 14, 2023 | Fundraisers, Information | 0 comments

Dear Community Members,

We’re thrilled to share some amazing news: thanks to your incredible support, we not only met but exceeded our fundraising goal for this month – by an extra $130! This achievement truly reflects the spirit and dedication of our community. 🎉

However, our journey towards ensuring the dog park’s future is far from over. While we’ve managed to keep the park running this month, our current financial structure means we’re facing these challenges on a month-to-month basis. We currently have $220 in monthly subscriptions, which is a great start, but not enough to secure our park’s future.

The Challenge:

Relying on one-time donations makes our situation uncertain each month.
Regular fundraising efforts are taxing for our volunteers and can create anxiety within our neighborhood.
The possibility of monthly closure notices is not ideal for any of us.

The Solution:

Monthly Subscriptions: A steady flow of monthly donations can provide the stability and predictability we need.
Less Stress: Regular income reduces the burden on volunteers and the community, preventing constant worry about potential closures.
Sustainable Future: Ensures our park remains a thriving, safe space for our dogs and community members.

How You Can Help:

Sign Up for Monthly Donations: Even a small monthly contribution can make a huge difference.
Spread the Word: Encourage friends and neighbors to consider a monthly commitment.
Keep the Momentum Going: Your ongoing support will help transform our fundraising from a sprint into a sustainable marathon.
Together, we can turn our beloved dog park into a lasting legacy for our community. Let’s aim to shift from uncertainty to stability, one monthly subscription at a time.


Thank you for your unwavering support!

Warm regards,

The Volunteer Team