The Women of Water and Compassionate People

Oct 1, 2018 | All Posts | 0 comments

You may have noticed the trees lining the park these days. They didn’t pop up out of nowhere, they were given to us by the city. With that came the responsibility of watering them twice a week for the next two years…yes, two years.

Luckily, we had two lovely ladies step up and volunteer to keep the trees hydrated. So, a very special shout out goes to Krista Wardell and Mary Ann Robertson for dedicating their time and energy to our beloved park. Now, I can’t possibly list out the names of the pooches due to some of them being celebrities and all. We don’t want the puparazzi sniffing around.

In other news, the Clean ‘n Sweep was a success today. Matt Haney (D6 Candidate) and his crew came down to help out and then they canvassed the area with Compassionate Bay, a Bay Area based non profit organization dedicated to passing legislation that helps end the suffering of animals. Right now they’re in works to introduce the Right to Know bill, legislation that will enforce regulations set on Factory Farms that claim Free Range or Cage Free.

We were able to recruit one of the house-less women today, named Flaca, who lives around the park, to participate in cleaning with us today. She was quite remarkable and by the time we were wrapping up she asked if we had any mulch. We didn’t, but she wanted to continue working. Our hearts were full hearing that.

If you see Flaca around, you may want to say thanks. She worked entirely on her own to beautify the small-dog park.

Woofs and wags!