Save Esprit Park From Artificial Turf and Fenced Enclosures

Feb 16, 2021 | All Posts | 0 comments

One of our neighboring parks needs our help. It’s the Espirit Park in the Dogpatch.

If you’re interested in helping please follow the instructions below…

Write: Deadline Tuesday, 2/16. Take 10 minutes to write a note to, and hit SEND. Let them know that you don’t support artificial turf or fencing for the North Meadow of Esprit Park and want both Meadows to remain 100% grass. Period. No artificial turf. No fencing. Your email has to hit by February 16th to have any impact. Numbers count. This isn’t the time to take a pass and leave the writing to others.

Email Rec & Park + Supervisor Walton

Complete: Deadline Monday, 2/15. Take 2 min. to complete a 3 question survey. We will share the results with RecPark.

Take the Survey

Speak up: Thursday, 2/18 at 10 am. Phone in and take 2-3 minutes to state your case in public comment at the full Recreation and Park Commission. For information on how to “attend” the virtual Commission meetings and how to “speak” at the meetings, go to: Numbers count. This isn’t the time to take a pass and leave the speaking to others.

We are near the finish line but need your help. Last week there was an extraordinary turn of events at the first Recreation and Park Commission meeting. At this meeting, the Commission instructed RPD to present a plan for the Esprit Park renovation that included artificial turf and fencing around the proposed North Meadow DPA. This, despite every community association, advisory committee, and most residents stating, without equivocation, that the retention of an all grass Meadow(s) without barriers was the community’s priority. Using a fence in a DPA attracts commercial dog walkers from outside the area, creating heavy usage. The final presentation of the renovation plan and vote is February 18th, with a deadline for written comments/ opposition of Tuesday, February 16th. 2 days from now. What can you do? Write, email, call the Recreation and Park Commission to let them know that everyone in the Dogpatch Community, irrespective of affiliation, endorses a plan with all grass, a DPA and no fence. We MUST be united if we are to squash the artificial turf and fencing. Also let the RecPark Commissioners know if you support banning all dogs from half the park, including families with leashed dogs. This option leaves all dog owners with no way to enjoy any grass area for one quarter of every year. Below is all the information you need to flood the Commission with emails, letters, and/or phone calls. This is it. No more chances after February 18th’s vote. Please don’t let the Park down. After this vote, there will be opportunities to weigh in on the details of the design, particularly the proposed programmatic and hardscape elements. But right now we MUST focus on saving the all grass Meadow(s), DPA and no fencing.

Friends of Esprit Park is a neighborhood organization dedicated to supporting Esprit Park as a multi-use, community enriching, open green space.