The Scoop on Poop Bags ‘n More

Feb 28, 2021 | All Posts | 0 comments

Today, Ray Nyden from Pawtrero Bathhouse & Feed Co. went over to the park to refill the poop bag stations and found 2 of them missing 😳 We just ordered the replacements and they should arrive soon. Later we swung by the park to check on the situation and found that someone had enjoyed the heck out of their pancake breakfast and left quite a mess in the small dog park. We contacted The East Cut and Jaleel and Norman from the dispatch office kindly and generously offered to go over and clear out the debris.

We are going to need a handy person to install the new poop bag dispensers, so if you have a toolbox and the know-how can you please reach out to

It shouldn’t take too long and we’d prefer to have a loving neighbor do it instead of having to hire someone.

When you notice weird stuff you can reach out in various ways to report it. Anything that happens on the periphery of the park (outside the fence towards the hill) is usually CHP aka Ca Highway Patrol. Anything in front, on the street side, or inside the gated park is usually SFPD. Also, San Francisco has a very speedy safe-needle removal team that comes out to clean up dangerous debris.

Needles: 1(415) 810-1337 – texting the location, along with pics is preferred.

CHP: 1(800) 835-5247 (tell-chp)

SFDP: 1(415) 553-0123

The East Cut Dispatch: 1(415) 543-8223

You may also feel free to reach out to to let us know the latest happenings. Please note that we are volunteer-based, so we cannot always respond quickly or resolve the issue, but it’s good for us to know what is going on in case there is something we can help out with.

Take good care and stay safe!

Woof ‘n wags,

The Volunteer Team