It’s Gonna Be A Blast…

Jul 3, 2021 | All Posts | 0 comments

Now that we have your attention😁 we wanted to wish you a wonderful July 4th weekend! May your eyes be dazzled by the fireworks and your earplugs handy on the nightstand. 🎆

This weekend there will surely be loud sounds at strange times, so it’s a good idea to assess the needs of your pup. Perhaps they need some soothing music to drown out the booms. Maybe they need a calming coat, ThunderShirt or weighted blanket that gently hugs them. Temple Grandin wrote several fascinating books on animals and in one of them she described how therapeutic squeezes (hugs) can be.

A panicked dog is unpredictable. Another safety measure is to fit your dog with a body harness, so they don’t wriggle backward out of a neck collar. The folks at Pawtrero have a particularly well-fitting harness by Ruffwear. They know how to tailor harnesses so that they don’t cause chaffing and other issues.

Lastly, try to exercise your pooch even more than usual this weekend. This way they will be very sleepy by the time the festivities begin. Close the blinds or curtains if the flashing lights are adding to their anxiety.

Stay safe and enjoy the show!

Woof ‘n wags,

The Volunteer Team